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Healing Aromas
Holistic Health Coaching, Aromatherapy Treatments
Bach Flower Remedies
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Maria Hansford BA,
                 CAHP (Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional)
and Holistic Health Coach,
in Guelph  
Ontario - CANADA
brings the benefits of Holistic treatments 
 to your life
Holistic healing involves looking beyond the physical
when choosing therapies and better choices 
to bring about balance to the "whole" being
Consulting with a Holistic Health Coach is a great way to receive personal care and natural treatments for any challenge you wish to address: physical, mental or emotional. 
  • Are you stressed?
  • Do you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or feel depressed?
  • Do you wish to acquire a healthier and more youthful skin?
  • Are you looking for effective, natural skin products ?
Essential oils are known for their anti-aging skin  properties and to help common ailments like  arthritis, headaches, muscular aches, PMS and tension.
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