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Aromatherapy Consultations

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Aromatherapy Consultations or assessments
typically include four steps:
·         Holistic health assessment and consultation
·         Assessment review (done by the aromatherapist)
·         Aromatherapy product and treatment design
·         Follow up
An aromatherapy consultation begins with the client filling out a detailed form covering the client’s holistic health history, conditions, reasons for seeking aromatherapy, application preferences, and other information.

Following the consultation, the aromatherapist creates a unique blend and product to address the client’s needs and/or intentions. Products can be in the form of serums, massage or bath oils, balms, creams, inhalers, etc.
The Essential Oil blends and products are researched fully and thoughtfully selected. They are designed to take into account the client’s needs and preferred method of application, the therapeutic attributes of both the essential oils and carriers (vegetable oils, butters, clays, etc) and the best method of delivery for the specific product.
Essential oils are chosen and formulated to support a variety of health needs including, but not limited to:
·         Acne
·         Allergies
·         Arthritis
·         Asthma
·         Bacterial Infections
·         Cancer care
·         Depression
·         Digestive Disorders
·         Emotional support
·         Fever
·         Immune Support
·         Inflammation
·         Insomnia
·         Nausea
·         Nerve pain
·         Pain
·         Palliative care
·         Scars
·         Skin Care
·         Viral Infections
·         Wound healing
The initial product is included in the price of the consultation, and is mailed to the client when the consultation is done on the phone, through e-mail or SKYPE.

The aromatherapist will follow up with the client after two weeks by phone or email (client’s choice). During the follow-up we will determine whether or not the initial product is working for you. 
If not, we will provide one additional product with the necessary adjustments made, and then another follow-up in 2 weeks. 
Once we establish which product is working for you refills can be purchased. Prices for refills will be assessed individually.

A session is 60 minutes ($ 60.00), custom blend included.

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Aromatherapy services and products are not meant to take the place of conventional or allopathic medicine. They can be used as an aid to manifesting health and wellness. 
Healing Aromas does not make claims that aromatherapy can cure any illness or psychological condition. Individuals using aromatherapy products need to pay strict attention to all stated precautions and use only as directed. 
In general, products should not be used on small children and pregnant women without consulting a knowledgeable practitioner.
To prolong the life of an aromatherapy product store it in a cool, dark place, and in the container provided to you by your Aromatherapist.

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