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Aromatherapy treatments, Holistic health, essential oils, healing aromas, Bach flower remedies, essential oils classes

 Essential oils Skin Treatments
 Essential oils have been part of the beauty regimen of women for centuries.
There are numerous benefits to using essential oils on your facial skin that can include diminishing wrinkles and lessening the appearance of age.
Available in 30 minute ($30.00), 
60 minute ($60.00)
essential oils, aromatherapy treatments, healing aromas, holistic health, bach flower remedies, essential oils classes
 Hair Loss Treatments
Several essential oils can help hair regrowth because of their ability to stimulate the tiny blood vessels of the scalp where the hair follicles are created.
The treatment consists of a gentle scalp massage with a custom made blend of essential oils. The client will be educated on how to repeat the application of the essential oils blend at home. 
Available in 30 minute ($30.00), 
60 minute ($60.00)
cellulite treatment, holistic health, aromatherapy treatments, bach flower remedies, essential oils classes
Cellulite Treatments
 The treatment involves the application of essential oils through massage increasing the lymph and blood circulation to flush the toxins out . The result is a much clearer looking skin without the lumps.
Available in 30 minute ($30.00), 
60 minute ($60.00)

essential oils, aromatherapy treatments, holistic health, bach flower remedies, healing aromas
Aromatherapy  Massage
Massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment known and also one of the most important and common applications of aromatherapy. It provides a very effective way of introducing the essential oils into your body.
60 minute ($60.00)

 Aromatherapy services and products are not meant to take the place of conventional or allopathic medicine. They can be used as an aid to manifesting health and wellness. 
Healing Aromas does not make claims that aromatherapy can cure any illness or psychological condition. Individuals using aromatherapy products need to pay strict attention to all stated precautions and use only as directed. 
In general, products should not be used on small children and pregnant women without consulting a knowledgeable practitioner. To prolong the life of an aromatherapy product store it in a cool, dark place, and in the container provided to you by the Aromatherapist. 

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