Flower essences for depression and sadness
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Aroma Notes

Flower essences for depression and sadness

healing aromas, bach flower remedies, cherry plum, holistic health
"Every single person has a life to live, a work to do, 
a glorious personality, a wonderful individuality." 
Dr. Edward Bach
Depression, sadness and grief are emotions experienced by many people at different times in their lives.
How severe the feelings and how long they last varies between individuals. However most people suffering from depression or sadness can attest to the difficult or debilitating effects such emotions have on them and their lives.
Of course, you should always consult a doctor if you experience depression, particularly if you have suicidal thoughts or tendencies, or can’t cope with life. But, if you just need a little support from a natural remedy to help you through one of the inevitable rough patches in life, Bach flower remedies can help.
Alongside the appropriate medical treatment, often people suffering from these feelings will look for some sort of assistance to help them cope and/or recover.
A holistic approach more people are becoming aware of and adopting is that of the Bach flower remedies. Edward Bach was a medical doctor and one of the earliest homeopaths at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Disillusioned by modern medicine, he believed that every physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual symptom offered clues as to what we need to restore balance.  Over time, he identified 38 basic negative states of mind, divided into 7 traditional groups, and created a plant or flower based remedy for each one, based on what emotional difficulties are handled.
healing aromas, Bach Flower remedies, holistic remedies
For those not familiar with the flower remedies, the e are natural remedies made from flowers, with their healing properties derived from the life force, vibration of the flowers. Flower essences address negative emotions/states (and sometimes physical ailments.) By thus dissolving and alleviating negative emotions, one's overall health and well- being is strengthened and enhanced.
It is also helpful to recognize that at times depression(or sadness or grief) may be "masking" other deeper emotions. For example, someone with melancholy may on a deep level still be experiencing shock from an old trauma.
One of the beauties of flower essences is that flower essences do not have side effects due to their ingredients (unless one is allergic to the preservative e.g. alcohol). Generally flower essence therapy is a helpful and healing experience, and one that does not "interrupt" one's lifestyle as they work subtly.
Flower remedies are very easy to use : simply add four drops of the remedy to a glass of water and sip throughout the day.  Alternatively, take two drops under the tongue four times a day or as necessary.
Following are some of Bach’s flower remedies for depression:
Gentian – For  people   who have depression symptoms of pessimism and discouragement. Gentian is used as one of the natural remedies for depression when a person knows the reason for his or her sadness i.e. loss of a job, death of a close family member or friend, etc.
Elm – For people who experience depression symptoms of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted, typically caused by being overworked or under a tremendous amount of stress.
Agrimony – For people who suffer from emotional anguish and constant feelings of despair.
Cherry plum – For people who experience fear on a “more-than-normal” basis. This fear can be due to a genuine, real threat (such as an impending loss) or it can be fear caused by a perceived or imaginary danger.
Gorse – For people who have overwhelming, persistent feelings of doubt, despair and hopelessness i.e. feeling “nothing can be done to help” or their “fate is sealed”.
Sweet chestnut – This is also for people who have persistent feelings of despair and hopelessness.
Mustard – For people who experience the depression symptoms of sadness or gloom that have no apparent cause – like “a dark cloud” has blocked out all joy.
Willow – For people who are highly critical, hold a grudge, have a tendency to blame others for their problems in life or often experience self-pity.
Honeysuckle – For people who constantly focus on past events and have overwhelming inadequacies of being able to “let go” and live in the present.
Wild rose – For people with anxiety and depression symptoms of apathy, lack of interest, lethargy or feeling like they are “drifting” from life.
Rescue remedy – This is the most popular of the Bach Flower Remedies and is useful to stabilize emotions in a crisis or emergency, shock, stress or acute anxiety episode, that is, a panic attack. (When you’re not sure which remedy to choose, rescue remedy is a good choice initially
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